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Brief CV/Resume

Dr John M. Ostrowick
HdipEd (Phys.Sci.) MA (Phil.) (WITS) PhD (UCT)

I have consulted, or consult currently, for:
I've done a wide variety of things, including:
I've done many more things than this, including exhibiting artworks and writing a large number of books, available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.

I have reviewed academic journal articles for SACJ (South African Computer Journal) and SAJP (the South African Journal of Philosophy). I have also done some editing and review for the International Journal of Psychology under the auspices of ICP 2012.

I've also published a number of academic journal articles, available on Researchgate and Academia.edu


My skills are mostly around education and ICT. This webpage is not representative; I prefer to keep it minimal.

ICT skills:
  • JavaScript
  • Ajax/JSON
  • MySQL, PHP
  • Linux
  • Mac
Non-ICT skills:
  • Drawing
  • Layout/Design
  • Writing/Editing/Research
  • Abstract reasoning/Logic
  • Physics/Chemistry
  • Philosophy/Psychology

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